We support the Loma Linda Children's Hospital by raising money for "Wish List" toys. We are able to buy the kids exactly what they ask for. These toys are presented at the "Big Air Kids Fair" each year.

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2020 FirePoliceMX

Double Triple

October 12 & 13

Monday / Tuesday

Glen Helen Raceway​​


Double Triple: Two days of racing - Three motos per day per class

To enjoy the competition of fellow Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers and Military on and off the track. To bring families together with a common interest in motocross. To provide safe and exciting racing.

We understand that sponsorship goes both ways. We really appreciate the companies who support FirePoliceMX Racing and know that we need to do our part to promote the businesses that support us. Please check out our sponsor page. When buying products please consider the products from our sponsors. 

The Vintage Class is back


Use code: FPMX30


P.J. .Laresn- 2019 Grand national Champion