FPMX race rules:

We do not differentiate between two stroke and four stroke unless specified in the race title. Example: Two Stroke Only Class. 

We do not differentiate between engine size unless specified in the race title. Example: 125cc.

Riders can race down in age but must remain in the same skill level. Example 50-59 Expert can race 40-49 Expert but not 40-49 Intermediate. 

FirePoliceMX classes are for firefighters, law enforcement, active military and retired military with 20 years or more. 
Others are case by case depending on their job in public service.

Support Classes are open to anyone not fitting into a FirePoliceMX class and will be scored separately. 

The Dual Sport Class requires street legal motorcycles with functioning headlight, brake light, turn signals, horn and license plate.

A rider must score points in at least half of the motos in a class to earn a National Championship.

The rider with the most points who scores points in half or more of the motos in that class will earn the championship.

The Grand National Champion will be awarded to the rider who wins the Open Expert class.

In case of a tie for a championship the tie breaker is as follows:
Number of moto wins 
Number of moto 2nd place
Number of moto 3rd place
and so on until there’s a difference. If the tie continues the final tie breaker will be the better finish in the last moto of the season that the tied rider or riders raced.