2021 FirePoliceMX Elsinore GP

Team Race Rules:

1 hour 55 minutes in duration.

Two or three riders per team.

One to three bikes per team.

All bikes must have the same number on the number plates.

Rider exchange will take place in a specified area.

No rider will do more than one lap in a row.

The team armband shall go with the team rider on every lap.

The arm band exchange will be between the rider coming off the track and the rider about to ride. No exceptions.  

The highest ability of the any rider on the team will determine the teams class. (Nov/beg/beg = Novice)

If you registered for the December 9th GP at Glen Helen you are signed up and good to go for this event.
Schedule of events:
7:00am - Registration
8:00am - Riders meeting
8:30am - Parade lap (1lap)
9:00am - Race 1: Expert & Intermediate - 45 minutes
10:00am - Race 2: Novice, Beginner, 85cc Advanced & 65cc Advanced - 45 minutes
11:00am - Race 3: Beginner 85cc, 65cc & 50cc - 30 minutes
12:00pm - Team Race & Ironman - 2 hours
2:15pm - UTV & Quad - 45 minutes
Awards after each race is scored.
Camping: Monday night:
$30 per rig.
Come in the park before 8pm. If you are not charged that evening you will be charged first thing in the morning.
Gate fee is $10 per person.
If you have any questions please let me know by email or text.
Thank you