We are going to hold our first ever CAMP FPMX in Warner Valley (just outside of Saint George, Utah).
These dates are flexible for anyone who wants to come early or stay late. 
The campsite will be off exit 10 of the Southern Parkway (SR7). There will be about 7 miles east of SR7.
This area has many different types of terrain and is located on the south side of Sand Hollow State Park. Everyone is invited. 
The terrain at and near the campsite is hard packed mud hills that are perfect for little kids.
I will have a UTV rental contact for anyone interested. 
Please let me know if you plan to attend. 

Directions from Southern California:

Take I-15 North past Mesquite, NV and continue through the Virgin River Gorge.
As you come to the top of the gorge you will enter Utah.
Take the first exit in Utah (exit 2) and turn right (east).
Drive 10 miles to Warner Valley Road (exit 10) turn right on Warner Valley Road.
The pavement ends shortly. Continue approximately 7 miles on a graded dirt road to the campsite. 

****Can be purchased at any MAVERIK gas station****
****Proof of residency: driver’s license or other state-issued identification****
****Proof of ownership: title or current registration or bill of sale**** 

Owners of any off-highway vehicles (ATV or UTV), off-highway motorcycles or snowmobiles brought into Utah by non-residents, 
must obtain a non-resident permit for their machine in order to operate on public land. To obtain a non-resident OHV permit, 
you must provide proof of out-of-state residency and that the OHV is not owned by a Utah resident.

The non-resident OHV permit cost is $30 and is good for 12 months from the time of purchase. If you order the permit online, there is an additional $5 charge.

If you’d rather pick one up in person, please visit one of our vendors to purchase one face-to-face.

Remember to bring:

Proof of residency: driver’s license or other state-issued identification
Proof of ownership: title or current registration or bill of sale 
Funds received from non-resident OHV permits go directly back into Utah’s OHV recreational sport. 
The permit funds are directed toward trail construction, trail improvements, trail maintenance, OHV education, OHV facility development, and enforcement.