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Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Services & Support Classes too!

Welcome to the World of FirePoliceMX Racing



2014 Nationals

FPMX Finals

Glen Helen

Round 4

Oct. 7 

National Track

Round 5

Oct. 8

REM Track

Practice: Oct. 6

REM Track

Christmas GP

December 9th

Glen Helen


FPMX Nationals

Glen Helen

May 8 & 9 Fri/Sat

Pro race Saturday

5 motos per class over two days.

Congratulations to LAPD Officer Damon Huffman for capturing the 2013 FirePoliceMX Grand National Championship.

9-24-14    Supercross tickets are available on the “SX Tickets” link above. Please help us as we start to compete at the next level. Each ticket sale helps support the team. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


2014 Fire & Police Motocross Nationals

Glen Helen Raceway

October 6th - Practice - REM track - 10am until dark (Monday)

October 7th - Racing - National track (Tuesday)

    6:30am gates open

    7:00am onsite registration

    8:10am riders meeting

    8:30am practice

    10:00am racing

October 8th - Racing - REM track (Wednesday)

    6:30am gates open

    7:00am onsite registration

    8:00am practice

    10:00am racing

3 motos per class for both days.

Pre register online -

FREE dry camping

8-1-14    Pre Register by September 31 @11:55pm and receive 1 raffle tickets per class entered - Pre Register HERE.

7-24-14    The 2015 Fire & Police Motocross Nationals will be held at Glen Helen on May 8th & 9th. This Friday / Saturday event will be one race with 5 motos per class. We are planning on having 3 motos on Friday and 2 motos on Saturday. Saturday will also include a Pro race featuring (2) 30 minute motos. This will be an opportunity for the AMA pros to get real race time on the Glen Helen course 2 weeks prior the AMA National held on the same track. In addition we will have support classes for the public on Saturday.

7-20-14    New Shirts in the FPMX Store

7-19-14    Glen Helen Pre Registration Raffle!!!!!!!!!!

Glen Helen Pre Registration Raffle!!!!!!!!!!

Pre register for the Fire & Police Motocross Finals at Glen Helen and receive raffle ticket(s). 

This raffle will be separate from any other raffles/give-a-ways associated this this event. We will reserve some great prizes from our sponsors for this raffle. 


Pre Register online by:

September 31st at 11:55pm will receive 1 raffle tickets

PER CLASS ENTERED! No one else will be in this raffle.

There will be some nice raffle prizes from our sponsors. 

Pre Register HERE.

6-30-14    The 2015 WPFG Motocross schedule has changed. Both days will be at Budds Creek. The races will be Monday, June 29 (MX) and Tuesday, June 30 (GP). The Grand Prix/Hare Scrambles/Cross Country/#orwhateverelseyouwanttocallit race will be on the MX track with added sections to make it as long of a track as possible. Please sign up for your bike transportation soon so we can figure out what we need to get all the bikes there.

6-3-14    Reserve your spot on the WPFG semi:

We have spots available @ $400 each. A $200 deposit is required. The race is at Budd’s Creek, MD in late June, 2015. It’s a two day event. More details later. Reserve you spot today. We will transport your bike, empty gas can, bike stand and gear bag. There will be limited tool space. **** DEPOSIT****. Check out the “WPFG 2015” link above for more information.

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