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Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Services & Support Classes too!

Welcome to the World of FirePoliceMX Racing



2014 Nationals

FPMX Finals

Glen Helen

Round 4

Oct. 7 

National Track

Round 5

Oct. 8

REM Track

Practice: Oct. 6

REM Track

Christmas GP

December 9th

Glen Helen


FPMX Nationals

Glen Helen

May 8 & 9 Fri/Sat

Pro race Saturday

5 motos per class over two days.

Congratulations to LAPD Officer Damon Huffman for capturing the 2013 FirePoliceMX Grand National Championship.

8-8-14    Check out the NEW FPMX Museum. A work in progress.......Thanks Aron Briggs for the 1989/90 literature.

8-6-14    **** New FPMX Journal ****

8-1-14    Pre Register by August 31 @11:55pm and receive 2 raffle tickets per class entered - Pre Register HERE.

7-24-14    The 2015 Fire & Police Motocross Nationals will be held at Glen Helen on May 8th & 9th. This Friday / Saturday event will be one race with 5 motos per class. We are planning on having 3 motos on Friday and 2 motos on Saturday. Saturday will also include a Pro race featuring (2) 30 minute motos. This will be an opportunity for the AMA pros to get real race time on the Glen Helen course 2 weeks prior the AMA National held on the same track. In addition we will have support classes for the public on Saturday.

7-20-14    New Shirts in the FPMX Store

7-19-14    Glen Helen Pre Registration Raffle!!!!!!!!!!

Glen Helen Pre Registration Raffle!!!!!!!!!!

Pre register for the Fire & Police Motocross Finals at Glen Helen and receive raffle ticket(s). 

This raffle will be separate from any other raffles/give-a-ways associated this this event. We will reserve some great prizes from our sponsors for this raffle. 


Pre Register online by:

August 31st at 11:55pm will receive 2 raffle tickets

September 30th will receive 1 raffle ticket.

PER CLASS ENTERED! No one else will be in this raffle.

There will be some nice raffle prizes from our sponsors. 

Pre Register HERE.

6-30-14    The 2015 WPFG Motocross schedule has changed. Both days will be at Budds Creek. The races will be Monday, June 29 (MX) and Tuesday, June 30 (GP). The Grand Prix/Hare Scrambles/Cross Country/#orwhateverelseyouwanttocallit race will be on the MX track with added sections to make it as long of a track as possible. Please sign up for your bike transportation soon so we can figure out what we need to get all the bikes there.

6-30-14    Please email for a sponsorship proposal for the 2015 WPFG that you can take to your contacts to help support the team/event. 20% of all sponsorship dollars will go back to the person who brings in the sponsor. This will help pay for your trip to Faifax, VA/Budds Creed, MD. 80% will go directly to the team expenses. The Games are one year out. It’s time to prepare!

6-25-14   We have 39 bikes so far going to Budds Creek. We are now working on getting a double decker trailer to carry all the bikes. Make your bike deposit online now! **** DEPOSIT****   

$200 down / $200 before we leave So.California.

6-3-14    Reserve your spot on the WPFG semi:

We have spots available @ $400 each. A $200 deposit is required. The race is at Budd’s Creek, MD in late June, 2015. It’s a two day event. More details later. Reserve you spot today. We will transport your bike, empty gas can, bike stand and gear bag. There will be limited tool space. **** DEPOSIT****. Check out the “WPFG 2015” link above for more information.

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