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LACR - March 7&8, 2016

2016 MX Schedule

March 7 & 8


May 9 & 10

Glen Helen

October 3 & 4

Glen Helen


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The 30 Second Board

4-14-16    The 2017 World Police & Fire Games that were scheduled for the summer in Montreal have been cancelled. There are plans to still hold the games at a different location in either Canada or the United States. Stay tuned for Team USA info...........

4-14-16    Registration for the US Police & Fire Championships is open. Pre register at

3-9-16    AvidMX Contingency winners.

Ken Armstrong - $75

Parker Avance - $50

Ryan Basaker - $40

Jose Covarrubias - $25

Blake Fair - $15

Mark Addy - $15

Jose Carrillo - $15

Michael Ellwood - $15

Rob Irvin - $10

This money can be applied toward your next graphics order. You can spend it now or wait until you have earned more. Thank you for running AvidMX Graphics.

3-9-16    Registration is now open for rounds 3 and 4 at Glen Helen Raceway. The race will be on the National track both days PreRegister HERE

3-2-16     Firehose needed for Glen Helen. If any of you guys have a connection on any 1.5” or 1.75” firehose, used or new that can be donated to Glen Helen Raceway please let me know. Thank you.

3-2-16    AvidMX will be offering a contingency program for the 2016 FirePoliceMX season.

* To qualify you must run a full AvidMX Graphics kit on your race bike and an AvidMX sticker on your helmet visor.

* We will pay for all classes.

* Payment will be awarded in AvidMX Bucks and can be used to purchase any AvidMX products only.  

* 1st Place - $25 

* 2nd Place - $15

* 3rd Place - $1

                         Billy Jurevich

             2015 FirePoliceMX Grand National Champion

                    2015 Police & Fire World Champion

Christmas GP

December 6

Glen Helen