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The thirty second board is up!


Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military, Emergency Services & Support Classes too!

Welcome to the World of FirePoliceMX Racing


The 30 Second Board

4-8-14   Glen Helen information:

Wednesday Practice: REM Track - $20

9am-2pm (or until they groom the track)

FREE Camping


Sign ups - 7am (REM building)

Riders Meeting - 8:10am

Practice - 8:30am

Racing - 10:00am (3 motos per class)

3-27-14    DOUBLE ATTENTION FPMXers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pala Raceway is CLOSED and having some issues and can not guarantee that they will be open for our event. I placed a call to Lori at Glen Helen and she stepped up to help. We will be racing on the REM track on April 10th with a practice on the REM track on April 9th 9-2pm. The National track will be in use with another event that day. The park should be pretty full. Come early and get a good camp site/pit area.

3-18-14    ATTENTION FPMXers!!!!!!

The Cahuilla Event has been moved to Pala Raceway on the Amateur track. There was a scheduling problem at Cahuilla and we had no choice. Same dates...........

2-5-14    Subscribe to FirePoliceMX Racing on youtube. We’re going to try to do a new vlog each day. I’m sure we’ll miss a few here and there but so far we’ve done a short vlog 3 days in a row.

2-3-14    Pala Raceway has been scheduled for Round 3 of the 2014 FirePoliceMX Nationals. The race will be held Thursday, July 17th on the Amateur track with a practice day on Wednesday, July 16th. This will be a 3 moto race just as all the one day events will be.

1-29-14    Round 2 of the 2014 FPMX Nationals will be held at Racetown on May 7th with an open practice on May 6th. Round 3 TBA soon...........

1-22-14    “Ripped & Rich” Healthy Chocolate has signed on as the Title Sponsor for the 2014 FPMX Nationals!

1-15-14    Round 1 of the 2014 FPMX Nationals will be held at Cahuilla Creek on Thursday, April 10th. This will be a one day event with open practice on Wednesday, April 9th. Camping is $10 per vehicle.

More rounds TBA soon...........................................e

12-4-13    Reserve a spot for your bike on the semi heading to Budd’s Creek for the 2015 World Police & Fire Games. We will be taking deposits starting in January, 2014. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this one! If it’s half as fun as the 2011 games in New York it will be worth it. Lifetime memories and new lifetime friends. Believe that!!!!!!!!!!!

11-27-13    Big Gun Exhaust is the new Side by Side and Quad pipe sponsor of the FPMX.

11-27-13    Glen Helen inked to host the FPMX Finals in 2014. Practice: October 6 - REM, Race: October 7 - National track, Race: October 8 - REM track.      *Earlier rounds to be scheduled soon.

11-21-13    Motul has signed on again this year to support the Supercross team. Thanks Motul!

11-13-13    “Wish List” Donations for the kids at the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital - HERE

11-13-13    We would like to welcome Bill’s Pipes to the FirePoliceMX Racing family.

11-5-13  Ohio FPMX - Crow Canyon - June 20-21, 14


2014 Nationals

Round 1

Glen Helen REM

April 10th

(practice Apr 9)

Round 2


May 7th

(practice May 6)

Round 3

Pala Raceway

July 17 - Amateur

(practice July 16)

FPMX Finals

Glen Helen

Round 4

Oct. 7 

National Track

Round 5

Oct. 8

REM Track

Practice: Oct. 6

REM Track

Christmas GP

December 9th

Glen Helen

Congratulations to LAPD Officer Damon Huffman for capturing the 2013 FirePoliceMX Grand National Championship.

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